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User Segmentation 2: Sending Targeted Cloud Messages with Firebase

The easiest thing you can do with user segmentation, in my opinion, is Cloud Messaging. It’s a simple send everyone a message through their notifications.

If you came here without checking the first part of the course and you don’t know what user segments are or how to make them, this won’t make much sense unless you check it out.


Sending Messages with the Firebase Console

You do this in the Firebase Console by going to Notifications under the Grow header in the side navigation. There, under Target, you should see User Segment as one of the options.

Under Target user if, you’ll need to first set the app (remember that Firebase Projects can host more than one app), then you can target users based on the audienceyou set or their user properties. It’s also worth noting that you can perform logic operations to filter and combine audiences and properties.

Use Cases

  • Update users of any news or promotions going on
  • Re-engage users who have not used your app for awhile


Using Cloud Messaging with Audiences is a simple but pretty effective marketing tool. This is however, as far as it goes. I’m probably the only one overthinking that it seems a bit too simple for comfort.

In any case, when I think about it rationally, this is all Cloud Messaging really needs to do with Audiences.

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