A Naked Look at Flamelink: A Headless CMS for Firebase

A Naked Look at Flamelink: A Headless CMS for Firebase

CMS things, they’re amazing. For the less technical, it helps them get technical stuff done with minimal technical knowledge, and for us developers, it saves us LOTS of coffee.

So this one got me intrigued. A CMS that seamlessly integrates Firebase. This one works for Android, iOS, and the Web.

Now if I could roll out apps quicker than my girlfriend could steal my blanket at night, that would be amazing! I mean look at my portfolio.

So in comes Flamelink. This is going to be a naked look because I barely knew what one is. I only found out now that WordPress is one of them even though I’ve been using it for more than half a year.

Easy Drag-and-Drop Content


I myself have very little web development knowledge, other than the little Angular I barely know, so this helps a lot. It’s plain, simple, easy, and it’s got everything you’d need.

Super Easy to Setup

On top of the setup process itself being easy, they have amazing video tutorials that somewhat carry the feel of the Firebase Introduction videos.

On top of that, just look at Jason Mill, the guy who writes for them. He is amazing!





This alone makes me love him.

Other Stuff I Can’t Say Much About

Ok, this is more of me just reading this article, but spare me a bit, yeah? Flamelink has got stuff like Relational Data Fields, JavaScript SDK (npm package), Media and User Management, and a Navigation more slick than my grandma in her Ferrari.

So where does the Firebase come to play?

Well, it already has! When I say seamless, oh I mean seamless. Here’s what’s happening

  • All your content is stored within the Firebase real-time database
  • All your media is stored within the Firebase storage buckets
  • User management integrates with Authentication services of Firebase
  • Menus are stored as data in the Firebase database

Once again taken from Jason Mill’s wise words.


This really has been a bare-bones naked look at the CMS. In the following week, I’m going to try using this to build an app or two and see just how much coffee I’ve saved up. Til then, à bientôt !