Month: August 2018

Getting Started with Firebase In-App Messaging on Android

You heard it. One of Firebase Cloud Messaging‘s biggest weaknesses was its inability to send messages inside the app. If the user had their app open, chances are the message wouldn’t even show up. Now in comes Firebase In-App Messaging. The service that allows you to do… exactly that! One of the best parts is that its piss…
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Getting Started with Firebase Authentication on Android

Although I have covered using Firebase Authentication with FirebaseUI, I figured I haven’t covered the traditional way of implementing Firebase Authentication which allows you to use your own authentication screen. Back to the basics! This one is going to be quick and easy. You don’t want to waste time reading useless jargain and I don’t…
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How and why you should use Firebase Dynamic Links in your Android App

URLs used to be straightforward. You’d type one in, and most times, you’d be taken to a website. Simple, right? Enter the mobile age where much of the operating system is powered by apps outside of the traditional browser. Deep Links were a theory that could make browser-application integration seamless. You’d click a deep link from…
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