Month: January 2019

Knowing your RxJava Operator Toolbelt 2: Transforming Observables

Check out the rest of the series: Knowing your RxJava Operator Toolbelt 1: Creating Observables RxJava is Java (and Kotlin’s) form of Reactive Programming, and thus Android’s too. It bestows the ultimate power in async operations through the use of observables. If you’re new, check out my Hardly Comprehensive Introduction. RxJava is a powerful tool…
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Knowing your RxJava Operator Toolbelt 1: Creating Observables

So you’ve just read an introduction to RxJava (hopefully mine) and now you’re ready to get your hands dirty. You start creating observing then eventually it strikes you: you need to start chaining your observables, combining them, probably even just getting your data into observables. Knowing your observables is only the first part. RxJava has…
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Hardly Comprehensive Introduction to RxJava: Observable Types, Backpressure, and Error Handling

RxJava is an ever increasing-in-demand tool for developers of many platforms even beyond Android. Its most attractive feature comes in the form of performing async operations without the use of callbacks. Instead, Observables and Observers are used in conjunction to emit data (once or multiple times) and include methods of their own to handle what…
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