Month: March 2019

2-Factor Authentication (Email/Password & Phone with Firebase Authentication on Android

We’ve all seen it at least once before: that little extra layer of security when we create an account on Gmail, Netflix, and possibly on every login into our online bank accounts. A verification code is sent to our device which we have to enter to get past that glorious second layer. If you want…
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Signing into Firebase Authentication with Facebook, Twitter, and Google

It’s probably common knowledge right now that doing a standard email-password authentication in Firebase is piss easy. The same can’t be said about using it’s various providers, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Play Games, Github, etc. and that’s because each one requires its own unique set up which isn’t always so straightforward. Today, I’m going to focus…
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Managing Firebase Costs

Firebase provides us 3 plans for their pricing: the free Spark plan which gives generous allocations to most of their products for many hobbyists and indie developers; the fixed Flame plan which costs $25/month to give a project bigger allocations to Firebase product usage; and the wild Blaze plan whose cost scales with your usage of it.…
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