Hi, I’m Eric Decanini, 18-year old Full Stack Android Developer, currently a student but with an aim to spend the next few years programming in London.

I have one goal: Make Android Development EASY. While easy to learn, some concepts like databases and asynchronous tasks can be hard to get a grip of. Through my blog, I want to make it easy for fellow developers to understand these concepts and do a lot with them through libraries like Firebase and RxJava.

My development language of choice is Kotlin. When focusing my services on efficiency, I could not emphasise how this language is better suited. It still goes without saying though that mastery with Java is an absolute must.

I started EricDecanini.com for typical reasons most developers would: get a bit of traction and an online personality, but since then, it’s been more than that. I’ve learned so much from writing my weekly posts which I intend for you guys and I managed to connect with some of the guys at Firebase in subtle ways, but the best of all came from you guys.

A few of you came to me to ask for a bit of extra help or even just get me a coffee. For a blogger, nothing makes me happier than connecting with my very own visitors.

A little background, I live in Essex, England. Anyone would know a fair bit about England, but where I grew up? The Philippines, a beautiful country with lots of natural resources.

And most definitely not least, I love coffee and making new friends.

Feel free to check out my blog where I talk about all things Firebase and RxJava including tutorials, introductions and news! For app development tasks, contact me anytime!