About Me

Android Developer who loves baguettes

I simply enjoy Android Development. There's not much reason behind it. It's just one of those things that gets me excited, even more so when I can grit my teeth in the face of competition and say to myself 'Let's do this'

I started coding for Android at the age of 15. Around this time, I've been doing it alongside my GCSEs at school, and later A-levels as well. The 2 years before this, I didn't have a PC to play around it, but I did have my phone and a tablet. Being the curious guy I am, I naturally started pimping with these devices, rooting them and digging deeper into the system which is what later inspired me to take on Android Development in the first place.

Since then, I've created a couple apps, done some freelancing, and consistently pushed out blog posts every week to keep up my learning. I even won an award and got featured on newspapers a couple times along the way which was neat.

What's with the Panda?

And why's he holding fire?

I once belonged to a dance group where we each had codenames. Mine was Pandakun, as I was known in the same group for playing the Panda character from Tekken.

Eventually people from school started calling me Panda and that's how I was known among many.

The fire? Well that's just a representation of Firebase which I love talking about and base plenty of my blog around. It's a Google service that seems to be growing bigger each year and I want to master every bit of it.

My Skillset

Android Development


Material UI Design










Web Development




Random Facts

I'm a French Filipino Italian Scott

I drink way too much coffee

Milk and 2 Sugars

I love cooking

I'm a Guitarist

I'm also a dancer

I adore spicy food

Lyon is one of my favourite places