Hi, I’m Eric Decanini, 17-year old Full Stack Android Developer.

I specialised in Firebase with the goal of Sparking User Engagement Through the Cloud in all of the apps I develop.

It’s amazing how much you can do with Firebase. I use it to build user-engaging backend structures that are not only easily manageable, but also increase development efficiency. How you may ask?

Well, on top of the Cloud Database, Storage, and Analytics you’re probably already familiar with, Firebase also provides services like Crash Reporting and Targeted User Testing which all prevent large scale production mistakes that take HOURS or even DAYS to fix.

Like fire itself, Firebase, in the right hands, is an extremely powerful tool. That’s why I study the ins and outs of it to be able to give the best service to you.

Firebase aside, my language of choice is Kotlin. When focusing my services on efficiency, I could not emphasise how this language is better suited.

A little background, I’m from the Philippines, a 3rd-world country with beautiful land and resources that bring the people there more happiness than money could buy.

And most definitely not least, I love coffee and making new friends.

If you’re interested in any of this, feel free to check out my blog! Contact Me or drop me an email if you want me to develop or improve an app for you, of course, with high efficiency that sparks user engagement with the power of Firebase.