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Constructing POST HTTP Firebase Cloud Messages for dummies and YOU

Don’t get me wrong, the Firebase Cloud Messaging docs are great. It’s all very extensive and the code’s everywhere. That’s EXACTLY why I’m going to make this post. Because I don’t understand a bloody bit of it mate. It takes me a full 4 hours just to understand one section of it. By the way mate,…
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Device Group Messaging with Firebase Cloud Messaging

Device Group Messaging allows you to send a single message to all devices that belong to a single user, otherwise known as a group. Quite frankly, a group can be the devices that belong to more than a single user, we are however limited to 20 devices per group, so that sucks. Use Cases Why though? Why…
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Topic Messaging with Firebase Cloud Messaging on Android

Topic Messaging is used for sending messages to people subscribed to well, topics. Perfectly suited for publicly available information like news, weather, and the sort. As such, we need to provide a way for users to subscribe before anything else. Subscribing to the Topic

Doesn’t get any simpler than that. A  subscribeToTopic method passing in the…
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Getting Started with Firebase Cloud Messaging on Android

We’re back to our Getting Started series in an aim to cover all the Firebase services on Android. As big as Cloud Messaging is, it leaves me to wonder why I didn’t cover this sooner. Cloud Messaging in a Nutshell Cloud messaging is your standard go-to service for increasing user engagement. You use it to…
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