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Simple Programmer: The Man Who Helped Me Start It All

2018 has begun and its been 2 months since I started my blog. I may not have gotten very far, but I at least feel that there’s this huge improvement in my posts now compared to when I started. Not only do I feel more confident. I also feel more knowledgable about all the topics…
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“Lazy Solutions” Making Tedious and Mundane Tasks Quicker

I recently had to work on this app where mind-numbingly long lists of arrays needed to be filled in. I thought “that would take me ages!”. But come on, we’re programmers. We can make things happen. So imagine this: a program writing all your code for you. A program that can write a thousand lines…
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Is Maths Necessary as a Programmer?

Often it’s said that programming and maths are 2 closely related fields, yet it may not be so obvious how maths comes into programming. Let me make this clear. Maths is not completely essential to make it as a programmer According to Simple Programmer, maths is not required, but it definitely helps you. It helps…
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