Connected Cycle (known as LOKIWI in the United States) is an application that goes with their on-bike trackers which allows users to see the footpath from their current location to their bike, see a history of their recent bike trips, see how far they’ve cycled in the last month, and quite a few more!

It also happens to be my first contract job and boy was it a huge step up from creating my own applications. My client needed someone familiar with RxJava and looking at it briefly, I thought I could wing it. Little did I know that that wasn’t the only thing I needed to know…


Skills Applied


This (and Android Development in general) were what I knew I was going to need to know about when taking on this job. RxJava is a unique structure of the application based on multiple asynchronous applications. It makes the code cleaner, more efficient, and easier to maintain. It does however require a bit of skill to adapt.

And that was what I failed to realise. It was not something anyone can easily look up and just wing. It’s extremely technical. Only through hours of playing around and experimentation was I finally able to grasp how it flows.

Retrofit (GSON)

This one was a library I wish I knew about long ago just because of how useful it is. It GREATLY simplifies the process of getting and posting JSON APIs. The result becomes much shorter and cleaner code for handling API requests that becomes super easy to maintain by anyone who has some knowledge of how the library works.

I think it’s safe to say that once some Retrofit code is properly implemented, a developer could explain how to make basic changes to the API request to a non-developer and they’d be able to maintain it quite easily themselves. That’s real stuff right there.


In any case, I absolutely enjoyed working on this project. The people at Connected Cycle were extremely nice, and I can fondly remember sitting down in a London hotel in an area full of many other software developers, drinking some of the best coffee I’ve ever heard and listening to some sweet tunes of 2017. But most of all, the way this project pushed me to absolute blood, sweat and tears gave me some perspective of the professional world and the right way to face it… with a smile of course!