Download the Beta Release on Google Play

Dota Soundboard is the 2nd app to my name. It presents a collection of sounds and dialogue from the game Dota 2 (owned by Valve Corporation) with a collection of over 10000 sounds.

If I have to say anything about this app as the developer, it was hard work. Automated scripts I wrote in VB.Net helped a lot to produce the code that loads the sounds but I had to work with my team to download each and every sound manually (because it wasn’t a step we could automate).

In the end, it didn’t seem like the best choice either. To get all the sounds in, the user would either have to download a super massive APK from Google Play, or download it from Cloud Storage, but there’s only so much storage bandwidth we can allocate to each user without spending a fortune.

Eitherway, I guess boils down to some tough experience with a grit of salt.