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Coroutines vs RxJava: The Way Forward with Asynchronous Programming for Android

So Google I/O 2019 just passed a couple weeks ago and to no surprise, in one of their very many talks, they brought up Kotlin’s new asynchronous feature: Coroutines. Coroutines in a nutshell for those who don’t know: They workaround the use of callbacks by making them into more sequential code through the use of…
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Coroutine Basics: Asynchronous Programming with Kotlin

Exactly 21 hours ago from when I’m writing this sentence, I got a comment on my Essential Libraries February 2019 post telling me one of my entries was outdated for a 2019 list. If he said it was Butterknife, sure I’d probably agree (I admit that was an ass-pull). To my surprise however, he was…
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