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Firebase In Use 1: Dynamic Admin-User Roles with Authentication

If you know my man Sam Stern who’s popped up a couple times around my Reddit, you probably heard his talk with Kiana McNellis on Integrating back-end systems with Firebase for better app management. This sparked an idea for what could be a new series here on this blog, Firebase In Use where I go over…
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A Comprehensive Guide to FirebaseUI for Android: The shortcut to Authentication, Firestore, and Storage

Firebase UI isn’t the most prominent thing about Firebase. Needless to say, it’s really undervalued. It makes use of pre-made design flows by Google so that we developers don’t have to reinvent the wheel for what we don’t need to. It makes developing apps ridiculously easy and quick. First, let’s get some confusion out of…
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Firebase Authentication with FirebaseUI (Android)

Many apps require log-in functionality, perhaps to provide users with dedicated data storage. Firebase makes it easy as it can get. You can even use one of Google’s ready-made authentication screens. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. Enable Providers in the Console Go the Firebase Console then navigate to Authentication > Sign-in Method, then enable…
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