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Understanding Cloud Firestore Security Rules

Cloud Firestore improved on many things over its predecessor, Realtime Database. One of which is security. Cloud Firestore’s security rules are more flexible and easier to write than those of the Realtime Database, especially without the trouble of cascading rules. Read on and I’ll let you decide for yourself which set of rules you find…
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Getting Started with Cloud Firestore on Android

Let me just get this out there. Firestore is amazing. I only found out about it recently and it is new (it’s still in beta as of now) but its documented structure is ingenious! Now I see it as an almost definite replacement to the Realtime Database. By the way, out of topic as it may…
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Firebase Realtime Database vs Firestore: Which is better?

They’re both Cloud Databases made by Firebase. They can both work in real-time, both offer offline support, so what’s the difference? Firestore is nicer to work with because of its various data types. Since it’s built on GCP Cloudstore, it’s HIPPA compliant, unlike Realtime Database. (Thanks anater for this info). Firestore stores data in documents,…
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