CSS Styling In Real Life

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4P_TXVHNUY&t=21s I always loved the idea of making comedy sketches, but there are very few YouTubers out there who do any tech-related sketches. The only big name I can think…

Gson vs Jackson vs Moshi: The Best Android JSON Parser?

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When it comes to the network layer of pretty much any app, Retrofit is the only constant. When it comes to the JSON Parser used to serialise data objects into…

Let’s talk about Chaquopy (Python Android Development)

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Adaptive Streaming with ExoPlayer on Android

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Adaptive Streaming is a technique for streaming music / videos on a quality based on available network bandwidth. Slower connections will stream lower quality videos, while faster connections will stream…

The Definitive Way to Play Videos on Android: ExoPlayer

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ExoPlayer is a media player for Android initially developed by Google for their own applications, but released as a library for any Android Developer to use in their app to…

Mistakes I made in Tech Challenges as an Android Developer

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After a long 2 month job search, I finally got the job I wanted. During this search, I had a few tech challenges to perform and interviews to face, each…

Android Developer 2020 Skillset – What you need to know to get any job / Android Trends

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Before the Kotlin era of Android, the development ecosystem was completely different. Not only with the overhaul of a new fresher language to build for the platform with, but with…

(Video) The Best Android Architecture of 2020? MVP vs MVVM vs MVI

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Battle of the Android Architectures: MVP vs MVVM vs MVI

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There is no more heated battle in the Android community than the choice of which is the best architecture. Which is the definitive best and the one that EVERY and…

(Video) Android MVVM Tutorial in 3 Minutes

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Understanding How and Why: The MVI Android Architecture

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MVP and MVVM are both pretty prominent, and nowadays, quite standard in the Android community but one other popular architecture has made a name for itself, and that's MVI. MVI…

Don’t have a website? Look no further than Litehouse Tech | Professional websites for just £49.99

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Over the past few months, I've been spending some time starting my very first business, Litehouse Tech. Our whole shtick is we do cheap professional websites for £49.99 with the…