Top 10 Essential Android Developer Libraries February 2020

It's that time of the year when we round up the 10 best and most…

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Want to learn how to create the perfect implementation of Dagger, MVVM (with LiveData and Coroutines) together?

This tutorial goes through the Firestore SmartChat MVVM application and shows its Dagger setup as well as its MVVM structure.

Instead of using the standard Retrofit as its main data source however, the app uses Firestore. That being said, the structure is general enough to switch with Retrofit or any other data source you choose to make use of.


Check out Firestore SmartChat MVVM on Github



Android Chat Messenger with Firestore (MVVM Edition) with Dagger, LiveData, and Coroutines

Let's be real. MVVM and Dagger are very important concepts in Android Development. Yet, nobody…

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