Getting Started with Firebase Authentication on Android

Although I have covered using Firebase Authentication with FirebaseUI, I figured I haven't covered the traditional way of implementing Firebase Authentication which allows you to use your own authentication screen. Back to the basics! This one is going to be quick and easy. You don't want to waste time reading useless jargain and I don't particularly …

How and why you should use Firebase Dynamic Links in your Android App

URLs used to be straightforward. You'd type one in, and most times, you'd be taken to a website. Simple, right? Enter the mobile age where much of the operating system is powered by apps outside of the traditional browser. Deep Links were a theory that could make browser-application integration seamless. You'd click a deep link from your …

Getting Started with Firebase Cloud Functions on Android

Cloud functions are rather... different. They work with pretty much any platform and that's because they're executed on the cloud. That does however make it easy to be confused when getting started with it. I sure was. Here we'll simplify it down as much as possible so you can start navigating your way around cloud functions …

A Comprehensive Guide on Firebase Remote Config for Android

What is Remote Config you may ask? This. It's just this: a set of key-value pairs stored on the Firebase servers. That's it. That's literally it. But what can it do? Well well well, where do I begin? What you do with Remote Config is retrieve these parameters which can have different values for different users depending on certain …

Need Firebase in your Android App?

Do you want to deploy an interactive back-end your users will love? And simultaneously, observe what bits of your app your users love the most? And during that, have automated tests that makes your code maintainable by anyone?


Why do I want Firebase in my app?

Do you need any of this in your app?

Developing Backends

Increasing Development Efficiency

Keeping Users Engaged

Realtime Cloud Database
Store Cloud Data without setting up your own servers
Test Lab
Test your app on multiple devices simultaneously
Observe user engagement and log key events
Cloud File Storage
Store files your app uses on Google's Cloud platform
Crash Reporting
Find bugs faster and spend less time debugging
Cloud Messaging
Send push notifications to users regularly or on demand
Get users authenticated simply and securely
Tailored App Configurations
Run A/B tests and tailor your app to different audiences
Dynamic Links and Invites
Turn your app's users to its strongest advocates

If the answer is yes, get in contact now!

Firebase Development Done Right

Java and Kotlin

Your app's preferred language is not an issue! I myself am a pioneer of Kotlin

Full-stack development

Have larger sections of an Android app modified or get one made from scratch


Make big operations cleaner, less prone to bugs, and easier to maintain by anyone